MissesG’s stage name speaks for itself. With the way her voice swirls around the beat, the name serves as a perfect descriptor of her ethereal vocals. Pressing play on an MissG verse, you’re instantly mesmerized by the textures the 18-year-old songstress brings to the mic.

Coming out of Canada, MissesG began to pursue music around the age of 15. After graduating high school, she was quick to begin taking music seriously, taking to the studio to record “a little song” that boosted both her career and her passion for music. The song, titled All night, was an intro to MissesG’s current style—less lax and forward thinking, she admits she sounded like “a little baby” on the tape that served as the roots for her current style. Regardless, the song itself was well received by MissesG’s peers, pushing her to keep recording and refining her new take on R&B.