Raised in the south of Belgium, 17-year-old Jade Monaco was always destined to be in the spotlight of the creative arts.

Born of Belgian and Italian descent, young Jade embraced a range of creative arts, from piano to street dancing and even acting, before eventually discovering her true passion for singing and songwriting. “I grew up in a musical and musical environment of my family, so from an early age I was always into music. Playing, singing, dancing or playing an instrument, I juggled it all when I was younger. I started with dance, the piano, then I went straight to singing and the ukulele,” she says with a smile.

“Jade describes her music as ‘expressive’, ‘versatile’ and ‘urban yet still pop’. Creatively, her music nods to classic R&B, soul and neo-soul influences. singer from southern Belgium hopes to convey a strong sense of authenticity and positivity through her music, saying, “My music means being yourself. Understand that things don’t always turn out the way they do, but it has to happen anyway. It’s about being happy, loving yourself, treating yourself well, being around good people. Just a feeling of happiness. That’s what my music is, it’s I want her to represent”.