Founded in 2020, Krack Records represents the culmination of more than 10 years of musical experience in current music. It is gradually establishing itself as a true talent scout on both the French and international scenes following its latest collaborations with artists such as Yoa, Illa, Sauvan, Angie, and many others. Krack Records notably launched the artist “Jade Monaco” by signing her first single. The label is part of a Pop and Neo-soul musical production.

Specializing in digital, the label constantly seeks to innovate in order to address the evolving challenges of the industry. Benefiting from the influence of its networks, Krack Records provides its artists with access to a wide range of musical partners.
The label supports young artists, from artistic direction, through recording, the creation of video content as well as the promotion and discovery of the project to the general public.

what we do?


We are a full-service organization, supporting our diverse roster of talent through artist management. Krack Records has partnered with the world’s leading experts in artist management, technology, fashion and philanthropy, redefining the entertainment industry.


Distribution of shares

Your music. Your money.

Krack Records Distribution is the best music distribution platform that helps artists, labels and rights holders distribute their music worldwide. By allowing artists to retain ownership of their works and distribute their music globally, KR Distribution eliminates the middleman and helps artists retain ownership of their content.


Krack Publishing supports its authors, composers and publishers by taking care of an important aspect of their career: getting paid.

Our flexible contracts give you more control over your work and your future. With no commitment to deliver a minimum number of songs and no commitment, you are free to make the artistic choices that suit you. We also work closely with writers to find the best songwriting and networking opportunities around the world. We work collaboratively to pitch songs to artists, secure co-writes with other songwriters, provide tracks and briefings for upcoming projects, and much more. We work on pre-releases to find opportunities to place your music in commercials, TV shows, video games, films and movie trailers.

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